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My name is Helene and I live a few minutes from Oslo, Norway, in a small town called Skedsmokorset. I’ve loved dogs and animals as long as I can remember. When I was about 2-3 years old, my parents walked me on a leash to make sure they didn’t lose me every time I saw a dog or a cat. When I was a little older, I walked all the dogs in the neighborhood. In 2006, I became the lucky owner of the kindest and most gentle horse, Tea. I trained and competed actively in both jumping and dressage. Sadly, in 2010, I lost my Tea at the age of 19 because of severe leg damage that couldn’t be repaired.


Almost all my life I’ve been lucky to have had different animals in my life, beginning with cats, rabbits, and then my horse, Tea. But in 2012, after 2 years without any animals of my own, I felt sad and lonely. After lots of discussion with my mom and dad, I was allowed to bring a dog into our family. I had seen the most beautiful spotted dog with a wonderful coat and the cutest eyes, and of course, I wanted a dog like that. I did some research and found the love of my life, a little blue merle Australian Shepherd puppy bred in Sweden. Just one week later, Mika came to live with us and I was the happiest girl on earth.


This boy opened a totally new chapter in my life. We did everything together. I experienced different dog sports, conformation shows, and met a totally new community. Little did I know this was the start of a new lifestyle filled with amazing dogs and friends.


A few years went by and I wanted another Aussie. In April 2016, Kygo came into my life. After 4 months of writing to his amazing breeder, Natalie, the day finally came when we jumped on a flight to Prague and brought our new little puppy home to Norway. I didn’t know this little boy was to conquer the conformation rings and become the type of Aussie that I love both in body and mind! I will say that Kygo is the definition of brains and beauty. He loves to work, he loves to learn, and has a great willingness to please. We have had lots of success competing in different sports and traveling to different countries for shows. I look forward to many exciting years with Kygo.


In 2019 we lost Mika to kidney failure, and our hearts broke. He was our first dog and the family’s big love, my foot warmer at night, the best cuddlebear, and my shadow every minute of the day. He will always be with us in our hearts. Our kennel was named in honor of Mika. Rest in peace, my boy, you will always be with us.


I’ve been incredibly lucky to begin with two such different, amazing Aussies, with the kindest souls. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for team BlueShade!

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